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Server Notebook, for sure

I am not sure yet entirely what this wiki is. So far, as you can see, it is a notebook in which I am recording my successful adventures in server administration. When I get something working, I write down all the steps I took, so I can repeat them in the future. I also intend to do screencasts of each of these triumphs as well, and I will store those on my media server and link to them here.

Political Theory Workbook?

I also think it can be a great notebook for work, for the various interconnected papers I am writing. I have done less on that front to date, but maybe more in the future. Template:Note




Virtual Machine Servers


Here is a page where I am amassing all the possible services and applications I might want to run.

And here are some that I have actually implemented:

Using Docker

Lots of Docker Containers with a Proxy Manager

One way to set up a server is to run a bunch of services in a bunch of docker containers and have a proxy manager (itself in a Docker container) rout incoming traffic to the right container. The proxy manager can also handle certifications so each container connects securely. I have created just such a setup on Orwell. I am running Nginx Proxy Manager and Portainer, each in a Docker container, and then a host of services, each in their own container.

  • Installing and securing Nginx Proxy Manager, a hub for managing (and securing) all proxies on a server.
  • Installing and securing Portainer, a hub for managing all your docker containers.
  • Installing and securing Whoogle, a self-hosted search engine with Google results.

Going Concerns

Thinkpad Hardware